Hi, curious person. I’m Ben Gifford, a product and experience designer. I practice experience and interaction design not as a deliverable, but as a process to enable finding and answering questions, empowering teams to make smart product decisions for the people they aim to help.

The Process

This is it—not static, flexing and adapting to the specific needs of each project charter. Each key phase has the goal of further clarifying: a problem, an assertion, people's needs, and actions.

The thread that runs through the whole process is an agility that is eager to hear and willing to adapt and shift direction or focus at any point. It is the business equivalent of improvisational jazz, street skating, sketching: constant and iterative feedback loops aimed at discovering a best "line" (borrowing a term from skiing).

To do this, we must be …


We are here to serve the people we're trying to help, and our egos are checked against our need to make something that makes a difference. We're likely to be wrong, and being able to accept and thrive on that is key.


… and thrilled at a shift in the winds. Finding the best line is always about making smart decisions, but being open to different, better paths that reveal themselves on the way down.


Bouncing ideas, pulling inspiration from anywhere, and being fueled by each others' exploration is key: it's about everyone bringing their individual expression to the equation, and thriving off others’ riffs.

So, what’s it all mean?

My design process is not about compartmentalizing design, but about democratizing it: creating a workflow that welcomes people in to the process, constantly communicates up- and down-stream the ground-truth, and empowers everyone to become the user's advocate.

My role is to facilitate a better understanding of who we're working for, why we're doing it, and provide the tools and fuel to create things that serve themand the business better.

Where to from here?

See this process and philosophy in action on some project samples.

Feeling chatty? Why not email me at or give me a call (206–552–9121).